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Prairie Five Community Action Main Office

Prairie Five Community Action Main Office

Prairie Five offers a variety of services in the areas of children, food and nutrition, transportation, energy, housing, senior services, and self-sufficiency. Visit the Prairie Five web site at or call the county office for more specific information.

Chippewa County Main Office
7th Street & Washington Avenue, Suite 302
P. O. Box 159
Montevideo, MN 56265
320-269-6578 or 800-292-5437

Satellite Offices

Reach Out for Warmth is a state wide fuel fund administered by the Minnesota Department of Children, Families and Learning through local energy assistance programs that assists households below 60% of the state median income who have energy related emergencies such as a pending disconnect or interruption of fuel because of medical costs, emergencies or abrupt loss of household income. Most of the time these dollars are used to help people that are just over the fuel assistance guidelines.

Crisis Repair Program

The Crisis Repair Program helps households with energy related repairs. To be eligible, the customer must own their own home, be eligible for Energy Assistance and must be experiencing an emergency or hazardous energy related problem.

To qualify for an emergency, a situation must meet the following criteria:
  1. The situation must directly relate to the home heating system.
  2. Household members will be in imminent physical danger if the situation is not resolved.
A hazard is defined as a potentially unsafe condition that is directly related to the home heating system, such as a non-working or red-tagged furnace.

Crisis Non-Repair Program

The Crisis Non-Repair Program helps households that have no resources available to help resolve a heating or an electrical emergency during the winter months.

This may involve paying an electrical disconnect, natural gas disconnect, or ordering and paying for additional fuel oil or propane. Work with the vendor to resolve problems and will make referrals to other service providers when necessary.

To be eligible for Crisis help you must:
  1. Be eligible for Energy Assistance
  2. Be in a Crisis situation

Energy Assistance Program

The Minnesota Energy Assistance Program is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program to assist low income households meet the cost of home heating energy and to promote self-sufficiency through low cost energy conservation activities and consumer education. The program is designed to provide for the equitable distribution of assistance with out eliminating households responsibility for paying energy bills. Assistance to households is based on income, household size, and the actual cost of heating fuels for a consecutive twelve (12) month period which includes the previous heating season.
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